In recent times, it has become standard to have family pets cremated, so that an urn containing their ashes can be a consolation in these circumstances. It also offers us an intriguing insight into the lives of people in modern Britain. It is certainly a peculiarity of the modern condition that this notion has been extended it to our pets, so much so, that many families are unable or unwilling to ever let go of their dear, departed pets that they continue to “live” on in the family home. A vast array of urns and caskets have been devised so that families are able to keep this physical vestige of their pets. The style of these urns and the environment that they’re kept in inform us of the nature of the families and their relationship with their deceased pets. It is essentially a portrait of the owner.

"There is perhaps nothing else so distinctive of the condition and character of a people as the method in which they treat their dead." - William Tegg